Meet Steve O’Bryan

IMG_7832Steve O’Bryan

2014 race results / accomplishments:

-OMBC #2 1st. place

-OMBC#4 1st. place

-OMBC#8 1st. place

-OMBC #9 1st. place

– OMBC overall series – tied for first place

-331 team challenge – mid pack

Bicycle Hub Cyclocross – 2nd place Cat 5–my first cross race ever

What would you like to see from TBH for 2015 or what would you like to get out of it?

Would like to see more MTB group rides.

What types of races do you plan to participate in 2012): NEO Power Series, Mohican 100, some OMBC races

How many years have you been involved in your sport? 10

Do you have any other current affiliations? Cleveland Touring Club, CAMBA

What are your favorite local races? NEO power series

Describe your current and future athletic goals?  To stay healthy. My main goal this year is to race in the Mohican 100.

Please provide short athlete bio:

I started mountain biking about 10 years ago, and it quickly became my favorite sport. I love the fast pace and how new challenges at every turn focus my mind and body on conquering the terrain. When the weather cooperates, I love mountain biking in Ohio, both racing and group rides with the Cleveland Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA). When Ohio’s cold spring rains come, I try to get away for a few weeks to trails
in the Southeast or Southwest.

I started racing started about 5 years ago. I love the adrenaline rush of competition and the exhilaration of winning, but I hate the suffering of the moment and time spent training instead of going on tours and rides with friends. When my wife and I are not mountain biking, we enjoy cross-country skiing, motorcycling, and hiking.

I started racing in the Ohio Mountain Bike Championship (OMBC) series in 2007, taking second place in Sport Grand Master in 2007, first place in 2008, and second place again 2009. In 2009, I represented OMBC at the regional “Ice Man” race in Michigan, finishing in the top 10 in my category. I took second place in Sport 40+ in the series at Vulture’s Knob in 2009 and first place in the Northeastern Ohio (NEO) Power Series for Sport 50+ in 2011. My goal is to stay injury free and to work on my early spring training so that I am better prepared for the first few races of the season.

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