Meet Sandra Gliga


Sandra “Romanian Dolphin” Gliga

Most likely to: Get blacklisted from Edgewater State Park by plundering the hors d’oeuvres station of a beach wedding reception after working up a fierce hunger during a July yoga session.

What types of races do you plan to participate in 2014? (triathlon, mtn bike, road bike, cyclocross, etc): Triathlon, mountain bike, road race, cyclocross & velodrome.

How many years have you been involved in your sport?
I did my 1st triathlon in August 2011, an Olympic on a mountain bike. After that, I stopped training & 2012 I did 2 sprint triathlons on my mountain bike.
I count Dec. 2012 as when I 1st began actively training since 2 things happened then: I bought my 1st road bike & I accidentally went on a 10 mile trail run with the wrong group of people. (Before then, my longest run ever was 6.2 miles & I’d only ever had my mountain bike from high school). Jan. 2013 was my 1st ride on my road bike, during that warm weekend & the rest has taken off from there.
So, this has been my 1st full year of actively training for triathlons, cycling & trail running.

Do you have any other current affiliations (clubs/teams/etc)?
Member of CTC & Ohio Masters Swimming. New head coach of Laurel Varsity Swimming.

Do you prefer to train in groups or alone?
This varies for me. I love doing group rides, but also enjoy long solo rides or just with 1 other person. The same goes for trail running, where a group run helps give me motivation, but solo runs give me an overwhelming sense of peace in the woods. Swimming I prefer with a few people the same pace, so we can really push ourselves during sets.

What are your favorite local races?
In my 1st year of races, I really enjoyed Run for Regis, MachineHead Triathlon, Presque Isle Triathlon & Vulture’s Knob races, so those will all be on my calendar for next year.

Describe your current and future athletic goals (please include specific races planned for 2014)?
My current athletic goal is to find a discipline (or a few) and to focus on those, rather than just changing course every couple months when I learn about something new that sounds exciting & different.
My goals for 2014: Running a 20+ mile race at Run for Regis, going under 2:30 in an Olympic Triathlon, going under 5:20 in a 70.3 Triathlon, doing a real road race, more cycling races (just don’t ask me what, since I’ll say in everything from the Velodrome to CX), and swimming at Masters Nationals. I’ve also never run a 5k race, so that’s also on my lengthy to do list. But most importantly, to keep having fun!

Please list some race results or highlights:
3rd Female Half-Marathon at Run for Regis (January 2013)
3rd Female Olympic at the Greater Cleveland Triathlon (August 2013)
Winner Female Olympic winner of the Machine Head Triathlon at West Branch (August 2013)
1st place Age Group (6th female) at Sprint Presque Isle Triathlon (August 2013)
Top 10% finish in 1st 70.3 Triathlon at Rev3 in 5:35 & almost hitting goal of sub 5:30 (Sept 2013)
Winner & set course record on Female Standard bike at 20k Eastern Ohio Time Trail in Deerfield (Sept 2013)
2nd place Women’s Cat 4 CX at Kirtland Park CX (Sept 2013)
1st place Women’s Beginner Mountain Bike Short Track Race at Vulture’s Knob (October 2013)
2nd place Women’s Beginner Mountain Bike Cross Country Race at Vulture’s Knob (October 2013)

Please provide short athlete bio:
Competitive swimmer from a young age & swam collegiately at University of Rochester, so I’ve been around pools & in a competitive environment my entire life. Played tennis, volleyball & did track & field all throughout high school. Spent winters skiing & snowboarding out west while summers spent biking & hiking along towpath with my family while growing up.

Any additional comments or points of interest?
I’m still a swimmer at heart, so I’m going to find cute team bikinis!
I also love bacon guacamole & ice cream.

Welcome aboard Sandra. My recovery meal is your recovery meal…whether I like it or not 😉

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