Meet Rob Ponti




Rob ‘Bone Crusha’ Ponti

2017 Accomplishments

Shredded Mountain Creek / Seven Springs

Moved the bike shop to Kirtland, Ohio!

2018 Goals

Having fun riding and lots of trips in the bus!

At a young age I had always had a passion for cycling. I would jump off of and jump over anything I could find. I would line up all my friends and put the least favorite neighborhood kid on the end and see how many I could clear….I had been bitten by the bug! I needed a way to fuel my passion for the sport, so at the age of 14 I got my first job selling and working on bikes at Sam’s Bike Shop in Mentor, OH. I learned a lot and met a lot of good people. My contact base started to grow. While working at the shop I met a life long friend who introduced me to the sport of Bike Trials ( and I started to train on a regular basis and attended competitions around the US. I started in the “sport” category and worked up to “expert” quickly. I began winning competitions and also started a Demo team. After a few years I had an opportunity to compete in the “Elite” category in Europe. It was a dream come true! I was riding with some of the best riders in the country. In the meantime I worked and managed local bike shops and continued to perform shows around the US and Canada with the 216 Bike Trials Demo Team, but I was still striving to start my own shop and have a fun professional working environment for both employee and customer. In 2011, we were able to open the bicycle hub with the goal to make sure everyone that walks thru the door is completely satisfied.

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