Meet Mandy Debevc



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Amanda Debevc

2016 Accomplishments:

  • Run for Regis 50k – super fun charity run and Kevin’s first 50k
  • Olde Girdled Grit 50k (broke 5 hour mark for a new PR)
    • First Female
    • Fools 50k (broke it again and another PR)
      • First Female
  • Boston Marathon – wildly exciting and something I’ve got to do again!
  • Cleveland Trail 50k – snuck under the 5 hour mark for the 3rd time but 2 minutes off my PR First Female
  • Bryce Canyon 50 miler – my first 50 mile race and the hottest one too (85F+ and zero clouds) Most beautiful race scenery. First race at serious elevation (9000’) and lots of varying terrain 9th Female- 11:09
  • July – yup I didn’t race anything….boo!
  • Twisted Branch 100k – another smoking hot race where I puked and got to swim at the end. BONUS! Picked up (4) UTMB points 5th Female – 15:34
  • YUTC 50k – slowest 50k of the season courtesy of 1 lb of fresh cheese curds the prior day :/ First Female
  • Akron ½ Marathon – always a great race and one that I hope to do yearly
  • Oil Creek 100 – yup, my first hundo. 2nd Female in at 23:50. Yup, I will do more of these. Highlight race numero uno for the year. Qualified for Western Stations 100 lottery
  • Mountain Masochist 50 miler – I need at least a month after a 100 to recover, but I squeaked in in the top 10 gals and scored a killer Patagonia Vest worth $199. Hot damn  Also a PR at this distance. Time: 9:41
  • December – yeah, lazy MoFo. Nada but a wine and beer drinking extravaganza in Cali.

2017 Goals:

  • Winter/Spring 50ks and a late spring 50 miler with Kevin TBD
  • Registered for Laurel Highlands 70.5 miler in early June
  • Registered TransRockies 5-day stage race with Kevin, Ian and Vagn in August
  • Grindstone or Cloudsplitter 100 for October 2017 (need more UTMB points and another WS qualifier)
  • Eyeballing another 100 miler for 2017 and will decided based on UTMB points and time of year
  • Side Note: Researching a custom built steel bike for touring and towing my grocery shopping trailer

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