Meet John Mack

Mack mack4 Mack5

John Mack

Please list your 2014 race results / accomplishments:

⦁ Run for Regis ()
⦁ St. Malachi (33:34) (6th AG)
⦁ Maumee ½ Ironman (5:20) (3rd AG)
⦁ Challenge New Albany ½ Ironman (5:43) (5th AG)
⦁ Ironman Chattanooga (11:29)(119th out of 403 in AG)
⦁ Bourbon Chase (200 mile relay race) (27h45m) (31st out of 240 mixed division)

Biggest Accomplishment?

Ironman Chattanooga – first time swimming 2.4 miles without wetsuit, bike course was 4 miles long, and finished with a solid PR of ~45 minutes

What would you like to see from TBH for 2015 or what would you like to get out of it?
To encourage all athletes, regardless of ability, to participate in our sport, be it cycling, running, swimming or Tri.

2015 Goals or Targetted Races:
⦁ Run for Regis (2nd AG, 6th OA)
⦁ St. Malachi (5th AG, 50th OA)
⦁ A June/July ½ Ironman
⦁ Challenge Cedar Point ½ Ironman
⦁ Beach to Battleship Ironman
Several shorter races (Tri, Run, and possibly a few cycling)

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