Meet Jared Zollars

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Jared Zollars

2013 Results:

  • Mohican State Park OMBC Race #1 – DNF due to mechanical (redemption is mine)
  • 3rd Sport Class – Vulture’s Knob MTB Race (#1), 331 Race Series
  • 2nd AG Sport Class – Lake Hope Race to the Hills, OMBC Series
  • 2nd Sport Class – Alum Creek Phase II Time Trial, 331 Series
  • 1st Plc Sport Class – Mohican State Park #2, Ombc Series –Excellent Job!
  • 1st Sport Class – Vulture’s Knob Oktoberfest Race, 331 Series

2014 Outlook:

 Next season I am planning on racing Expert and the goal is to simply challenge my self to be a better rider; basically hang with the fast guys as long as possible!!!  It’s going to take a while before I get competitive in that class, which I’m expecting.  I would like to do the Mohican 100 mile or 100k as well as ice man and maybe race cyclocross. Another goal is to help Morgan even though she doesn’t need my help because she’s already better than me…lol  Lastly, just go out and enjoy myself and have fun.!!!
> ……and be faster than Rob on the DH

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