Meet Elizabeth Heier


Elizabeth ‘Derailleur Destroyer’ Heier

2013 Results:
  • 3/03 – Youngstown 1/2 Marathon – 1:58:21
  • 3/06 – St. Malachi 5 Miler – 38:39
  • 4/27 – Pineline Marathon – 3:58:31, 2nd Female Overall
  • 7/20 – Shot in the Dark (2 Person Relay): Team Spin Hub – Total time: 29:05, My time: 15:04,  9th Co-ed team Overall
  • 6/14 – I took Janet Edwards QOM on the BP to Hunan section of Strava (she took it back on 7/02 )
  • 7/21 – Huntington Sprint Tri – 1:12:47, 1st in Age Group
  • 8/18 – Machine Head Sprint Tri – 1:27:39, 3rd Female Overall
  • 9/08 – Rev3 Half Tri – 5:34:58 3rd in Age Group, 24th Female Overall (although only my 2nd half, still counts as a PR!)
With my foot still bothering me after 3 years, running was difficult and I spent a very large amount of time on the bike.  I completed the Sunday in June 100K, The Bicycle Hub Hungarian 100K, Women’s only Rapha 100K, and the Sweet Corn Challenge (104 miles).
Fun Facts for the Summer
I also had never ridden over 200 miles in a 7 day period until the week of 8/11-8/17, but I managed the full 100 mile Emerald Necklace on Sunday 8/11 (solo), 21.4 miles rode to volunteer at the Dark Horse 5K run, then rode the Rev3 Preview Day with a friend in 5:06:xx (fastest century ever for me) on the following Saturday on 8/17 .
I have only averaged over 20 mph in sprints on the bike, but managed 20.4 mph on an insanely windy Rev3 half course
I only swam and ran a handful of times over the summer but I broke over 2,000 miles cycling (which is a lot for me).  This was easily the best cycling shape I have ever been in.
Only got 4 flats over the summer, broke 1 crank arm and pedal, ripped off 1 derailleur hanger, broke a spoke and snapped a chain.  No crashes.
Representing the Bicycle Hub was a lot of fun.  I was able to meet new people and ride with old friends.  And I got to wear a cool kit — Argyle definitely makes you faster on the bike.
All in all it was THE BEST summer of riding ever for me (at least so far, wait until next year).


How many years have you been involved in your sport? 6

Do you have any other current affiliations (clubs/teams/etc)?  Southeast Running Club (SERC), Cleveland Triathlon Club (CTC) and Cleveland Touring Club (CTC)

Do you prefer to train in groups or alone? Alone, but on occasion it’s always fun to hit the pain cave with some friends 😉

What are your favorite local races?  GCT, Mantua Potato Stomp, Lighthouse Triathlon, Twinsburg Duathlon, Natatorium 5K, Akron Marathon, half and team relays

Describe your current and future athletic goals (please include specific races planned for 2013)? Shamelessly, pee on the bike

Please list some race results or highlights:  Qualified and ran the Boston Marathon, finished the FULL at CP last year, 1st place female 2-person team at Akron

Please provide short athlete bio: I’m at RN in oncology by night, doing my best to help fight cancer and spending my off time making the most out of each and every day, pushing my limits in triathlon and running.

Any additional comments or points of interest?  I’m excited to represent Team Bicycle Hub and hopefully make them proud J  

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