Meet Elizabeth Heier


Elizabeth ‘Derailleur Destroyer’ Heier

2017 Accomplishments

Raced the Heartbreaker at Baker Enduro – won my class (Sport) and was went 8th overall out of 62 women (almost beat half the PROs, went off the trail once and only had one wee crash, so that’s a win for me)

Jan – Completed the Buffalo Headwaters Half Challenge in Red Star, Arkansas on a rental bike

Feb – Traveled to the South Island of New Zealand where I was a medic/course marshal for the TransNZ Enduro and rode my mountain bike on the most amazing trails in the world for 6 days

March – Made my first trip to THE PISGAH and got a taste of the hand numbing gnar as the guys popped my Pisgah cherry with a run down Avery and then mercifully, let me rip down lower Black after

April – Found myself down at Baker Creek Preserve on the Devil’s race track, surrounded by the most beautiful dirt and maybe the flowiest trails on the east coast outside of a downhill park

May – The Terror Squad and I took our annual trip to Mountain Creek Bike Park and spent two days hauling ass and pulling up in some “muddy” fun conditions J

une – I had to find out what “Old Skool DH” was and made a trip to Windrock with the guys.  It was gnarly and like they say “Steep AF!”  I found even their easiest trail a blue called Talladega was challenging

July – Team Bicycle Hub came down to Brown County and spent the day trying to kill me on the climbs, but luckily I survived and we had lots of fun sliding turns as I listened to them mispronounce and butcher half the trail names with perverted nonsense.

August – Downhill was calling again and I ventured to Snowshoe where I spent 2 days riding roots and sending jumps

September – My birthday came and I turned 40 and I crossed sky diving off my bucket list and went on a week and a half long mountain bike adventure covering 5 states.  We rode the MegaCavern, The Derby City BMX track, Obannon Woods, Baker Creek Preserve, Mulberry Gap, DuPont State Forest, Bailey Mountain Bike Park and The Pisgah

October – Headed up to Cincinnati to check out the flow trails at Devou, managed to have one of the worst crashes of the year as I blew up a tire, went over the bars  and hit a tree all because some hikers had to hike a jump trail made for mountain bikers (SMDH), proving my goon status was… for life.

November – with the weather getting colder every day and not ready to quit on the season, I made my way down to Brevard on my long weekends, riding the fun flow in DuPont and then braving the gnarly trails of Pisgah (with caution) sometimes solo and other times with “Soccer Boy” and “The Mexican Pimp”as I have so fondly nicknamed them

December — well lets hope with just a few weeks left, my bike and I stay in one piece. 12 months and not one mention of the “C” word, but as much as I hate to say it “CLIMBING” is just a part of mountain biking and with less than a month to go I have to climb a little less than 11K to break 200,000 feet of climbing for the year (excluding lifts and shuttles).  However as much climbing as I have to do, I’m still #AlwaysInDescend


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