Meet Dave Miceli


David Miceli

Most likely to: Let his competitive nature get the best of him by one-upping Denzel’s inverted plane maneuver by instead executing a full barrel roll in a loaded 747

My adult athletic career began at 30yrs old when I found myself overweight and out-o-shape.  I ended that year running my first marathon in Vegas.  In high school I was a golfer and wrestler at Richmond Heights.  

2013 Results:

  •  Barry Roubaix – 3:46:13, major bonk!
  •  Twinsburg Duathlon – 1st AG
  •  Fairport Triathlon – 1st AG
  •  Greater Cleveland Sprint Tri turned Du – 1st AG
  •  Running With Scissors Half Marathon – 10th Male
  •  NEOCX Series – Finishing mid pack in the Cat 4 series despite absolutely no training (he’s a natural!)
  • Possibly raced a 10k in FL???

2014 Outlook:

Finishing out the 2013 CX series and then signed up for the Run with Regis 50k (with option to downgrade to a half if undertrained); the Twinsburg duathlon; also a fall trail marathon in Michigan next year, if we can’t manage to get knocked up!

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