Meet Brian Wahl

Please list your 2014 race results / accomplishments:

– Mohican 100, 100k distance

– HFP Maumee Bay Triathlon, Olympic distance

– Norwalk Maple City Sprint Triathlon

– HFP Linwood, Vermilion Triathlon, Olympic distance

– Rev3 Cedar Point, Half Ironman distance

– HFP Deer Creek Triathlon, Olympic distance

Biggest Accomplishment?

– Competing in first ever mountain bike race and 100k at Mohican 100 in June

– Competing in 2nd half ironman at Rev3

– Kept Jess’ bikes running through 2 seasons of racing

What would you like to see from TBH for 2015 or what would you like to get out of it?

– Camaraderie with like-minded people

– Team with a cycling focus

2015 Goals or Targetted Races

– Run for Regis, trail half marathon, January 2015

– Fools 50k & 25k, 25km trail run, March 2015

– Forget the PR, 25km trail run, April 2015

– Mohican 100, 100 mile race

– Lumberjack 100

– NEOCX Cyclocross Series

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