Meet Brian Kuhn


Brian ‘Jonathan Crimes’ Kuhn

Most likely to: Start a nationwide trend where boy shorts replace jeans as acceptable attire on casual Fridays

When asked to elaborate his 2013 race summary, he replied with a humble “egh, could’ve done better”. Well if by that he implied that finishing a 70.3 half iron (Muncie) in 5:08:00, the Cleveland half marathon in 1:31 and the Lake Health half mary in 1:34 was by any means under-achieving, I’m terrified to see his A-game. He also wanted to mention that at some point in the year, the legendary Jared Zollars slept on his couch.

Let’s hope he doesn’t rest on his laurels going into the ’14 season, as the itinerary includes a full Ironman in Louisville.

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