Meet Brian Kraska

Brian “Battle Axe” Kraska

2015 Race Results:

  • Races at the lake x3
  • Mid Ohio
  • Steel city showdown
  • Tour of franklington
  • Hamburg rr
  • Tour de grandview
  • Hyde park blast
  • Ohio state road championship
  • Smiths dairy milk race
  • Appalachia visited rr
  • NEOcycle crit
  • Medina twin sizzler
  • ROGR
2015 Notables

ROGR 1st place team finish

120 miles 10,000 ft climbing
3rd place medina twin sizzler
Completing Appalachia Visited RR
60 miles 5,000 ft climbing
2 cat 4 climbs, 1 cat 3 climb, 1 cat 2.
(Hardest rr yet!)

2016 Goals:

Improve on the road and maybe return to some of the events of ’15

2014 Race Results:

  • Smith’s Dairy Milk Race (cat 5, 9th of 32)
  • Edge of the World Cyclocross Spectacular (cat 5, 15th of 66)
  • NEOCX #4 North Coast Gran Prix (cat 5, 9th of 46)
  • NEOCX #6 Cross on the Range (Cat 3/4, 16th of 22)
  • NEOCX #7 Cross at the Fields (cat 3/4, 16th of 22)
  • Completed a double century (holy crap!)

Biggest Accomplishment:

Competing in my first road race. After thousands of miles on the road and much hesitation, I was finally convinced to give it a try. Needless to say, I loved it and look forward to many more!

2015 Goals:

  • More road and crit races
  • Smith’s Dairy Milk Race
  • Another season of Cyclocross races

 kraska 2 kraska



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