Meet Brent Krider


Brent “Fallout Boy” Krider

2017 Accomplishments

Enjoying every day of retirement with my wife as a Floridian!

2013 Accomplishments

Brent was busy as a radiation protection technician at Perry Nuclear Power Plant. He was busy with the refueling outage in the spring, working 12 hour shifts for six and seven days each week, which severely cut into his training and race schedule.

Brent married Lora Lynne on January 18, 2013 and ran the Naples Half Marathon on January 20, 2013. Brent also ran the Lake Health Half Marathon in June, the Lake Metroparks Lighthouse Triathlon in July, and the Northern Ohio Half Marathon in October.

With no refueling outage, Brent should be a superstar in many of his planned races this year, including the 20-Mile Drop, Cleveland Half Marathon, Lake Metroparks Lighthouse Triathlon, and the Northern Ohio Marathon. Coincidentally, he’s running the same races as Lora Lynne.

Previous Bio:

What types of races do you plan to participate in 2012? Triathlons

How many years have you been involved in your sport? 6 years

Do you have any other current affiliations (clubs/teams/etc)? Cleveland Triathlon Club and Cleveland Touring Club and the Winter YMCA Triathlon Club

Do you prefer to train in groups or alone? Group
What are your favorite local races? Fairport Triathlon, Greater Cleveland, and REV3

Describe your current and future athletic goals (please include specific races planned for 2012)? REV 3 Full

Please provide short athlete bio: Runner – 5K, 10K, and Half Marathons, Swimmer – Train at Painesville YMCA, Love to Ride Bicycles – Pedal to the Point and TOSRV and group rides, I help run the Winter Triathlon Club at the YMCA.

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