Meet Kevin Malone

Malone (2)

Kevin ‘The Shredder’ Malone

2014 race results / accomplishments:

– Clay’s Park Sprint Tri / 2nd OA

– Milton Man Olympic Tri / 1st OA

– Clermont Draft Legal EDR / 31st OA

– Nautilus Sprint Tri / 1st OA

– Challenge New Albany Oly Tri / 7th OA

– AGNT / 39th OA

– Cedar Point 70.3 / 2nd OA

Biggest Accomplishment?

Won my first overall! Also did my first half iron and did well there too.

What would you like to see from TBH for 2015 or what would you like to get out of it?

More options for group rides would be great. With my training schedule I swim Mon/Wed/Fri so the team rides

on Mondays always conflicted. Maybe some more weekend rides too?

2015 Goals or Targeted Races:

– Top 5 at Clermont EDR

– Top 5 at AGNT

– Earn Pro Card

– 1st OA at 70.3

2013 Results:

  • Purchased a stunning pair of green compression socks
  • Learned guitar, challenged Charlie Daniels to a shredding throwdown of Devil Went Down to Georgia, and won his shiny fiddle of gold.
  • “Made out with several perfect 10s.”… What? I’m now starting to question the validity of some of Malone’s 2013 exploits…


Team application:

What types of races do you plan to participate in 2012? :  Triathlon!

How many years have you been involved in your sport?  Just one.

Do you have any other current affiliations (clubs/teams/etc)?  South East Runners Club

What are your favorite local races? Greater Cleveland Tri, Pirate Tri

Describe your current and future athletic goals (please include specific races planned for 2012)? 

This year I plan to complete an Olympic distance triathlon in under 2 hours.  Tentatively, I have only a couple races planned and they include Deer Creek Tri, Pirate Tri, Greater Cleveland Tri, Age Group Nationals, Nickel City Tri (Buffalo), and I am considering a late season Ironman as well.  I intend to race at least once, possibly twice a month during the summer and still need to organize my race and training schedule.

Please list some race results or highlights: 

  • Deer Creek Triathlon 2011 (Olympic) – First race, 1st place Men 20-24, 2 hrs. 14min, qualified for Age Group Nationals
  • Race Across America 2011– Team Ride for Your Lives; Initially I was planning to contribute as a team member, however, due to an unexpected injury a week before the race I was added as a rider.  I rode 900 of 3000 miles en route from Oceanside, CAto Annapolis, MD.  A video summary of our trip can be seen here:

Also, additional videos are available here: and

  • Greater Cleveland Triathlon (Olympic) 2011 – 3rd place Overall, 1st Men 20-24, 2 hrs. 15 min.
  • Age Group Nationals 2011 (Olympic),Burlington,VT– 2 hrs. 10 min.

Please provide short athlete bio:

My main focus growing up was always soccer.  Playing on various local, state, and regional teams throughout high school, we won several state championships and competed at the regional and national level.  I had the opportunity to continue my athletic career at Rutgers University(2005-2007) and Cleveland State University(2007-2010) where I played on the men’s soccer team.  My main focus after college was initially running; however, injuries last winter forced me into swimming, cycling, and eventually triathlon.  I have always had a knack for endurance events and with triathlon I have been able to push myself to new limits.

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