Train With Us

Shop Rides!

Group rides, which typically start in April and run through August, rendezvous at The Hub where A,B & C groups depart promptly at 6:30pm to cover 30-40 miles.

A group: Ludicrous speed (20+ mph), 30-40 miles

B: Lickity split (17-19 mph), 30-40 miles

C: Modest (12-16 mph) – Nobody gets left behind! Between 12-20 miles


We’re always game for new training buddies. Drop us a line or follow us on Facebook to find out what we’re getting into and when. Cyclocross, trail running and random weekend mountain bike epics are always on the table.

Indoor Spin!

Back by popular demand…indoor spin sessions at the shop and typically run from December – February, every other Wednesday. Check out the bicycle hub for more info. These classes are geared to maintain your anaerobic threshold and offset calorie consumption during the off-season; bring your best ShamWow.

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