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“The bicycle is just as good company as most husbands and, when it gets old and shabby, a woman can dispose of it and get a new one without shocking the entire community.”Ann Strong

Feb, 2014


We came. We ran our butts off. We earned some pretty sweet swag. This event is more a fun run than a traditional race, but a few notable achievements should be given props (we are competitive athletes after all):

  • Eddie Po: 2nd overall in the 50k dist. 4:52
  • Janet Edwards: 50k dist. 5:34
  • Kevin Larson: 5th overall in 13.1m dist. 2:03
  • Sandra Gliga: Somehow finished the 18m dist. injured (schlepped it at a walking pace), solid! 4:50
  • Elizabeth Hiser-Miceli: Despite not even remotely training for it, the Veganista Speedsta managed to complete the full marathon distance. 5:47

Great effort by all racers and event organizers alike. This race is a staple on our season schedule and highly recommended, as it serves a for great cause. Check out the event FB page and add to your race roster next year!








Sometime early 2013:

2012 marked the inaugural year for team bicycle hub and what a successful kick-off year we had!!

There was much going on behind the scenes for year one including getting some team sponsors, selecting our fine teammates, setting up a website and much more!  Thankfully, everything came together pretty quickly!

As January commenced, team bicycle hub started to regularly train together at the new, popular indoor trainer rides hosted at the bicycle hub.  The team would go on to log lots of miles together over the course of the year on Monday night shop runs, headlamp trail runs and many long bricks on the weekends.

2012 was a year that was marked with many standout performances for the team members.   Yet, perhaps even more noteworthy, might be how much progress some of the teammates made for themselves in terms of new PRs and huge milestones!

Here are just a few highlights for each of our team members:


Amanda Debevc:  One of our fierce ladies on the team! When she is not travelling for work or on some endurance back packing trip, Amanda is a force to be reckoned with racing.  She kicked off the year with fast 15K hilly Shamrock run with a 7:34 avg pace and then scored 2nd in her AG at the Fairport Harbor tri, 1st place age group at Greater Cleveland Tri, 1st place overall female at Dirty Secret 10K trail run and 1st place AG Dirty Rocks 10K!


Janet Edwards:  2012 marks a huge year for year for Janet in that unlike the last two, she did not hit her medical deductible due to bicycle crashes!  The highlight of the year was easily her first place overall amateur female win at REV3 Cedar Point 140.6 tri and qualifying for her triathlon pro card.  Other noteworthy events for the year included Triple T triathlon, Columbus Marathon (3:11), Winter Run for Regis (tied for 1st OA female), On My Own Two Feet Half Marathon (1st OA female), Mohican 100K mtn bike (3rd OA female.


Joey Edwards:  For someone who originally said he would only run when he was chases, much has changed in 2012.  Down over 70 lbs, climbing hills on the bicycle and getting faster on the bike has been a given!  Joey spent 2012 out on the mountain bike trails and hit the opening weekend festivities at Strongsville trails, the Manatoc festival and capped off the year running his first two running races ever-the Aurora turkey trot and then ran like Puff Daddy with his posse of peeps clearing the path at the Reindeer Run 5k.


Brent Krider:  In 2012, Brent took things to the next level and finished his first 140.6 triathlon at REV3 Cedar Point (14:36)!  Brent also ran many other races including Saint Malachi 5 mi, Hermes Cleveland 10mi, Cleveland Marathon, Columbus Marathon and did the Fairport Harbor Sprint tri.


Kevin Malone:  Kevin is another one of our fast guys!  Kevin’s focus was on the national championship Olympic distance race.  He raced that, took 1st overall at Greater Cleveland Triathlon, 1st AG at Fairport Harbor Triathlon and raced the Rite Aid 10K and Hermes 10 miler.


Dave Marsi:  Despite the fact that getting Dave to meet to train before 9AM was particularly difficult, Dave managed to have an awesome race year!  Dave managed to post up a respectable time for his first endurance mountain bike race (Mohican 100k) and like Steve, raced a lot (9!!) of 331 mtb races!  Dave also raced Twin Sizzler, Saint Malachi 5 mi and The Warrior Dash!


Steve O’Bryan:  Another fast guy on the mountain bike trails is Steve.  Steve raced a lot of the local 331 races (Vultures Knob, Mayhem Ohio, Alum Creek, Thorn Time Trial, West Branch) and typically finishing in the top 3 in the expert class for 45+!


Emily Ponti aka as Mrs. Bicycle Hub:  In February, Emily decided she wanted to cross something off her bucket list and embarked on some hard core training so that she could ride across the US…and she was going to do this all by herself with no support!  So after WINNING the Mohican 100K mtn bike race, she flew to CA and rode the Lake Tahoe ride with her Team in Training team she coached and then went on to ride 4000 miles home.  Upon her return, she raced (and typically podiumed) quite a few more races including several 331 mountain bike races, lots of neo cyclocross races, Manatoc MTB (1st OA expert), Greater Cleveland Du (1st OA team) and Iceman Cometh (18 Pro).


Rob Ponti aka Da Man:  Rob is the man because not only does he put up with Emily, he takes good care of the rest of the team!   We subjected this guy to many a broken parts and of course we needed lots of high maintenance stuff.  Rob is our man with all the skills because outside the shop he hits the downhill trails and can do stuff on a trials bike that seems impossible to replicate!  He also performs shows with 216trials.

photo (3)

Eddie Police aka Cash or Crash:  Eddie is one of our most improved teammates, PR-ing by lots of time in all distances.  The first highlight event for Eddie was a 3hr+ PR in the 140.6 distance clocking in an 11:15 at REV3 Cedar Point.  The other big highlight for Eddie was finally breaking his magic 3 hour mark marathon goal at Columbus with a 2:59!  Beyond that, there were lots of other notable races- Milton Man Tri (2 OAM, 2:08),   Maumee Bay Triathlon (1AG, 2:09), Cleveland Marathon, 3:09, IM New Zealand 70.3, 5:43:51.

photo (4)

Mark Reynolds: Mark is one of our mountain bike specialists.  Mark focused on a couple big races this year and finished Mohican 100 and Iceman Cometh!


Kevin Skilskyj:  Now if only we could get this guy to swim, he would be one heck of a triathlete!  Kevin kicked off 2012 with a solid Shamrock run alongside team mate, Amanda Debevc and went on to have an awesome season rocking Fairport Harbor Tri, taking 1st Overall in the team relay at Great Cleveland Duathlon and taking 3rd AG at Dirty Secret 10k trail run and 2nd AG at Dirty Rocks 10K trail run!


Lora Lynn Stalnaker:  Lora spent much of the year working on her running.  In May she ran her first Marathon ever and then turned around and ran Columbus Marathon with a respectable time of 4:06.  Lora also ran the Hermes 10 miler and was out supporting the team at other area races such as Fairport Harbor Triathlon and REV3 Triathlon.


Jared Zollars:  Like many others on the team, Jared stepped up his mountain bike racing this year aided by sweet new toys such as his recently built up carbon 29r Alma Orbea which he raced at a couple 331 races. Jared is our youngest team member and runs college cross country and track and as a 4:15 miler, we expect big things from this guy!

All in all, not only did this team have a lot of talent out at the races, often many of our teammates were out there cheering on each other or volunteering at the races.   Beyond that, this team has had a lot of fun over the year getting to know each other and having a lot of laughs training, racing and getting out together!  We expect 2013 to be even bigger!

None of this would have been possible without our sponsors, so huge thanks to all of them for our big first year!  Accurate Autobody, Cellar Rats Brewery, Debonne Winery, Paguar Informatic, Reynolds Landscaping, Balaton Restaurant and a very SPECIAL thanks to The Bicycle Hub.

March 2012

Shop rides officially started at the beginning of April!

All are welcome to come out and ride with team bicycle hub members from the bicycle hub throughout the summer!  Maps and good times provided!  Be ready to roll out at 6:30!

TBH team member, Janet Edwards wins Fools Run 25K on 4/1/2012!

Big Props to team member Eddie Police who went half way across the world to race Ironman New Zealand!  Despite the authorities trying to shut down the race, the race went off as a half ironman with insane winds!  Eddie sailed through the water in 38 min, then burned rubber for 56 miles in 2:58 and finally cruised for a half marathon in 1:54 to wrap up the day with a 5:43 time in some windy conditions!!!  Surprised out male feather-weight did not get blown away!!!!  🙂

Indoor Trainer Sessions are coming to an end!  In preparation for the season, the team as well as many other area cyclists and triathletes have been spending every other Wednesday together with some themed indoor cycling rides!  Some titles have included- Rolling w da Homies, Come On Baby Ride My Tire and I’m Cycling and I Know It (pedal, pedal, pedal, pedal, yeah!)  It was awesome to have such a huge turnout for the training sessions!

Mandy Debevc takes home the hardware at on the touch Shamrock 15K Race with a 1st place age group award!

TBH represents at Cleveland’s big Irish St. Malachi 5 Miler!

Janet Edwards – 31:18 (3rd AG)

David Marsi-36:30

Lora Lynn Stalnaker-41:28

Brent Krider-41:29 ….looks like we know who Brent ran with 😉

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