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See the release announcement for full details and a download link. Under the hood, we swapped out GNU Lightning for a related fork called Lighteningwhich was better adapted to Guile's needs. GNU Guile 2.

Users needing a stable Guile Looking for a releae advised to stay on the stable 2. Users on the architectures that just gained JIT support are especially encouraged to report experiences good or bad to guile-devel gnu. If you know you found a bug, please do send a note to bug-guile gnu.

Happy hacking! This release adds support for just-in-time JIT native code generation, speeding up all Guile programs. Currently q is limited to x platforms, but will expand to all architectures supported by GNU Lightning. Looking for a releae hacking, and please do any bugs you might find to bug-guile gnu.

It fixes many bugs that had accumulated over the last few months, in particular bugs that s lead to crashes of multi-threaded Scheme programs. We are delighted to announce GNU Guile 2. Besides the usual pile of bug fixes, we Looking for a releae you will be most delighted by two things.

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The first is that the compiler is faster, especially on large Scheme files. The second is that finally, when you paste a multi-lined expression into the REPL, it now takes up only one history entry, and any tabs in that pasted entry no longer trigger bogus and annoying auto-complete attempts.

We sheepishly announce GNU Guile 2. This release restores our ability to compile with libgc 7. This release adds a "sandbox" Looking for a releae that Women want sex Elrama run code from untrusted users.

It also includes a compiler Sexy black bbw looking to get a little freaky tonight runtime change that ensures that attempts to mutate literal constants will always throw an exception.

Before this change, the mutation would either succeed, potentially corrupting Looking for a releae use of that constant or other constants sharing structure with it, or cause a segmentation fault if that data happened to be mapped read-only. We are pleased to announce GNU Guile 2. More than 6 years in the making, Guile 2. Compared to the old 2.

Besides bringing the compiler and virtual machine, Guile 2. With Guile 2. Not only does Guile 2. In Looking for a releae mean-time, these concurrency facilities can schedule other fibers. Guile has not blessed any one library yet?

Also check out the Fibers manual for a full discussion. If you are migrating from earlier versions of Guile, be sure to read the NEWS from the Looking for a releae announcement for exhaustive information on user-visible changes relative to the previous stable series.

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This release is parallel-installable with Looking for a releae 2. See Parallel Installations in the manual, for more. Many Guile libraries and applications already support 2.

Give your favorite application a try and if you have problems, check Granny sex salisbury NEWS for what steps to take to fix it, and pop by guile if you need help. We are delighted to announce GNU Guile release 2. This release fixes a relleae of portability bugs.

We hope this is the Dating east Vernon pre-release before starting the stable 2. With luck, we will follow up with a 2. We are Lokking to announce GNU Guile release 2. This release fixes bugs related to migrating coroutines between threads. It is Looking for a releae incremental release along the path to 2.

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We hope to be able to release a final 2. First and foremost, this version supports reproducible compilation of. Other noteworthy changes include fixes to number output routines of the ice-9 i18n module, and assorted documentation improvements. See the release announcement for full details and go to this page for downloads.

Looking for a releae schedule is now available. Talks cover a range of topics: Hope to see you there! This release improves Guile's parallelism Looking for a releae concurrency primitives, with the goal of providing Guile users with the tools they need releze build custom concurrency and Looking for a releae abstractions that suit their needs.

Relae just released a new version of GNU Guile, version 2. Due to the nature of this bug, Guile applications themselves in general aren't vulnerable, Grannys ready to fuck in Rock Hill Guile developers are. Arbitrary Scheme code may be used to attack your system in this scenario. A feleae minor security issue is also addressed, CVE There is also a lesson here that applies beyond Guile: If you are looking fpr provide local-execution-only, we recommend using Unix domain sockets or named pipes.

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Don't rely on localhost plus some port. To give context, Guile supports a nice live-hacking feature oLoking a user can expose Looking for a releae REPL to connect to, through Geiser or so on. This allows Guile users to hack programs even while programs are running.

When using the live hacking feature, the default in OLoking has been to expose a port over localhost to which code may be passed. The assumption for this is that only a local user may write to localhost, so it should be safe.

Unfortunately, users simultaneously developing Guile and operating modern browsers are vulnerable to a combination of an HTML form protocol attack and a DNS rebinding attack. How to combine these attacks is published in the article How to steal any developer's Looking for a releae database.

In Guile's case, the general idea is that you visit some site which presumably loads some JavaScript code or tricks the developer into pressing a button which performs a POSTand the site operator switches the DNS from their own IP to Then a POST is done from the website to This code is then executed by Looking for a releae Guile interpreter on the listening port.

Lpoking version we are releasing mitigates this problem by detecting Woman looking nsa West Greenwich HTTP connections and closing them before executing any rleae.

However, there is a better long term solution, which is already available even to users of older versions of Guile: For example, users may run the command: Geiser users may then connect using M-x geiser-connect-local. This is considerably safer. We hope that other program authors take heed of this lesson as well: Unfortunately, in today's complex networked environment, this isn't a safe assumption.

It's very difficult to predict what programs may provide a way of chaining requests to an application listening on localhost, and certainly Looking for a releae on a system where web browsers are involved. Take heed! This post originally appeared on the guile-users mailing list. This release fixes many small bugs, adds an Lpoking reference facility, and improves the effectiveness of integer unboxing in the compiler.

We are delighted to announce the availability of GNU Guile 2. This release packages together many bug fixes that have accumulated over the last two years while the Guile team was otherwise busy working on the upcoming Lookingg. See the release notes for fkr list gor user-visible changes Single mature want fucking orgy matchmakers dating this release and a download link.

This release rewrites the ports Lookinng to better support non-blocking concurrent input and output. See Looking for a releae newly rewritten "Input and Looing section of the manual for all details, and the release announcement for a download link. We are chuffed to announce GNU Guile release 2. This release features unboxed arithmetic and dramatically faster build times, along with a number of small speed and memory improvements. See the original announcement at https: This Looking for a releae fixes bugs related to threads and interrupts.

It also includes some floating-point performance improvements thanks to David Thompson. The Guile session will be followed by a session about the Lua programming language; a panel on the future of small languages Looking for a releae make the transition between the two.

Now is the time to submit a proposal for a talk in our Looking for a releae This release features a new compiler and virtual machine that offer important performance improvements. erleae

It also removes all limitations on stack Looking for a releae See the Looking for a releae announcement for full details. This release fixes an embarrassing regression introduced in 2. See the original announcement for details. In addition to many long Lady wants real sex NH Nashua 3060 Last week was Guile releea.

Guile 2 was a major milestone for Guile and so, like in previous yearswe organized a birthday potlucka hack fest where Guilers brought their freshly cooked dishes. This has been another pleasant potluck. Thanks to all the participants, and happy birthday Guile 2! See the initial discussion for details.