Roundup Lake Triathlon

TBH took the Roundup lake relay division by storm Saturday evening (July 18) at Champ Racing’s Roundup Lake Triathlon.  Team Psychedelic Crazy Train and Team Rad Rebel Rabbits brought decided to see how fast they could do their own version of the triathlon relay!   First off, Lesley Jones and Sandra Gliga took to the water for the first leg and did IM (fly, back, breast, free) the whole way coming in an astonishing tie for 2nd in that wave.  Then they passed off to TBH club riders, Brent Evans and Joe Edwards who hopped on their fancy tri-FAT BIKES rolling an average speed of 22.0 mph with the 5 inch tires at 20 psi.  Lastly the chip was passed off to Janet Edwards and her sister, Lisa to skip, bunny hop, run backwards, play airplane the 5k run with plenty of cowbell and whistleblowing along the way to finish the race in splendor with round-offs into the finish line. The renegade teams tied for first in the relay division and leap frogged up to collect their medals!!

10986662_10154216013154848_9221810465750291404_n 11745369_10154215966584848_2912619863138374121_n

11698836_10100326662338388_1057381886772318495_o 11745369_10154215966489848_5205591796562573262_n 11539781_10154215966529848_5996404183359637796_n 10509483_10154215966839848_8682707004650912222_n11742675_10154215966664848_5322177740174897545_n

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