2013 Year in Review



So long 2013, and what a year it was. TBH’s second official season of fierce competitiveness drew to the close of many ups and downs. While much of the crew basked in the warm glow of personal tour de force, a few others met the hazards of their respective trades with bruised egos, cracked ribs and regular follow-ups with an orthopedic surgeon. To this we say “Vixi et didici!”, which roughly translates to: I’ve learned to respect the powers of inertia & gravity while crashing my bike.

Looking ahead, 2014 is finally on the horizon and ambitions are aplenty. Most of us have healed up and are currently training for The Run For Regis trail race, and soon, indoor spin sessions will commence at the shop. Whatever your pleasure, we’re always game to add new faces to the festivities; check the train with us tab for regular hoopla updates. Characters welcome!

The individual achievement accolades are far too extensive to summarize here, since most of the crew had a stellar year, so check out the meet the team tab for said accomplishments and to meet the newest additions.

Last but certainly not least, our sponsors are those to whom we tip our aero helmets. These folks are a proponent of a local bike shop’s grass roots endeavors and make this whole thing possible. Please visit our sponsors page and check out their website links for respective services.

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