St. Malachi 5 Miler TBH Recap!

St. Malachi 5 Miler.  For many northeast Ohio athletes, it is the start of road running season.  Oftentimes, it is the first race you see a lot of your running buddies after a long winter of cross training and bunkering down on the treadmill or hiding out on the hilly trails nestled in the trees to keep warm!

Race morning arrived and Team Bicycle Hub (TBH) members were out in full force on this glorious spring morning with temps hovering around 30 degrees and some snow, wind and sleet to make it interesting.

This race was to be the unveiling of some new sweet Pearl Isumi running Gear apparel.  After grabbing a team picture with the teammates that could be found amongst the 3000+ other runners, some of the team headed out before lining up at the start.  The beautiful thing was that TBH colors fit in perfectly for the St. Patty’s day race theme!

With the countdown TBH was off!  Dodging puddles and across the Superior Bridge, our members ran!  Down past the Browns Stadium, past the Great Lakes Science Center and out to make the turn at Burke Lake Front airport through the slush, and back, TBH ran!

First back was Eddie Po, who just barely got beat by Crocs guy with a time of 29:43 (5:57 pace).

Next in, was Janet Edwards sporting a tank, tall green socks and some shamrock green shorts with a time of 31:30 (6:16 pace) and claiming first overall in her age group.

Kevin S. was came though shortly thereafter with a time of 32:26 (6:29 pace) with teammate and other half, Mandy D. out on the course cheering him and the rest of the team in!

Next in was TBH super fan, Kevlar, our undercover running race runner!  Kevlar started the first mile with TBH Joe Edwards only to move on and finish a few steps ahead of TBH member, Dave Marsi.  Mr. I-only-run-if-I-am- chased, Joe Edwards went on to finish about a minute behind new superstar female TBH member, Elizabeth Heier! (Kevin Larson, 34:03/6:47 pace, Dave Marsi 34:03/6:49 pace, Elizabeth Heier, 38:39/7:44 pace, Joe Edwards, 39:40/7:56 pace).

And wrapping it up for the gang, were newlyweds Lora Lynn and Brent, who cruised in with a time a 42:06 / 8:25 pace and 42:45/8:33 pace respectively.

Despite the winter-like conditions, TBH came out and sizzled in the new sweet gear!  Great kick off to the 2013 season!

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